GJG Consultancy, supported by evaluation and research specialists Ruth Melville Research (RMR) and The Audience Agency (TAA), are working in partnership with Medway Cultural Partnership and Medway Council to co-develop a new Cultural Strategy for Medway for 2020 – 2030. But what do we mean by “Cultural Strategy” and what will it do?

We think that a cultural strategy should speak to the broadest visions and highest hopes of a place.

We are working to create a culture strategy for Medway which will show how important culture is to Medway’s future, and enable everyone to have the opportunity to take part in or contribute to cultural life in Medway.

It should look to transform Medway in the longer term. In the short term, it should shape opinions, beliefs and behaviours and lead to social and economic wins.

Like all strategies, the Medway Cultural Strategy will require goal-setting, a theory of change, an understanding of audiences, and a commitment to meaningful evaluation and learning.