Medway’s Cultural Strategy will be delivered through Creative Medway, a unique and radical framework that puts the people of Medway at the centre of shaping and delivering culture. Creative Medway is open to everyone and at a level and to a degree which suits them best.

The Creative Congress is a broad group, open to all interested in culture in Medway. In addition to receiving information and invitations to activities, it meets annually to review, reflect and plan.

The five Theme Working Groups each have members interested in developing or delivering on the work strand for each Theme.

Clear Terms of Reference, a Code of Conduct, and defined roles will help ensure the smooth running of the groups. In particular, we seek to ensure that the right people are in the room and that no one is there for their own ends.

The core of the delivery mechanism is the Creative Medway Compact. This Group acts to:

  • Coordinate the Themes
  • Monitor the overall performance of delivery of the Strategy
  • Broker strategic partnerships with other sectors and advocate for Medway’s culture, both within Medway, regionally and nationally.

The membership of this group is made up of the five Working Group Theme Champions, five key stakeholders from other sectors, a Facilitator and the Creative Medway Chair.

Medway’s Cultural Strategy will remain relevant and rooted in the local community through an ongoing cycle of setting objectives, planning, delivering activities, assessing results, reviewing and then setting new objectives. This process allows for consultation, engagement and clarity, and creates a shared desire to deliver.

Action Plans will link to each Theme and be carried out on a three-year basis. This provides flexibility and fits with the changing circumstances (following an initial transition action plan of 18 months to cover the Covid19 recovery period).

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