This is the end for us – but really it is just the beginning.

After more than twelve months working on the Medway Cultural Strategy, it’s inspiring to see the new Creative Medway structure take shape.  Real names and new faces are taking on the new delivery roles of the Theme Working Groups. It is exciting!

Over the past year we’ve met with, talked to, and spent many hours on Zoom working with a diversity of people, all showing a real desire to make culture work in Medway. Not just wanting culture to be good enough, but to make that inspiration continue, different and truly rooted in what makes Medway special.

As we hand over the Strategy to the creative people and organisations of Medway, it’s fantastic to think that there is now a ten-year vision in place. Alongside this is a robust delivery mechanism to ensure that the artists, communities and creative industries will continue to shape, develop and build on the exciting work that has happened.

I am confident that what we have achieved collectively is only the start of Medway’s potential. With the UK City of Culture bid developing strongly and the new Theme Groups developing their own workstreams, 2021 is going to be an positive and busy year.

2020 has been really hard for many, particularly in the creative industries.  However, from adversity a great opportunity has come, and we look forward to seeing it flourish over the coming years.

GJG will still be around virtually in Medway as we support the development of a community engagement plan for the High Street Heritage Action Zone in Intra – come and say hi!

So, it just leaves us to say thank you and Merry Christmas – we hope you find some joy in this holiday season and we look forward to seeing many of you again in 2021.

James, Ruth, Catherine, Charlotte, Ben, & Aida

@John Stratford via Flickr Creative Commons Legal Code Image cropped.