Call for Transition Chair

Would you like to help us shape art and culture in Medway?

Every 10 years there are new plans created for art and culture in Medway. In 2021 a group will be set up to help guide the new plans. We have called this group the Creative Medway Compact. We need an experienced volunteer to help lead the group from the old set of plans to the new ones. We have decided to call this voluntary role, the Transition Chair.

Moving from the old plans to the new plans is expected to take from 12 to 18 months. This role will involve supporting the different working groups currently involved in Creative Medway and helping them to work together. It will also involve speaking to new people and helping them to see how they can be part of the plans. The role will include helping people from diverse backgrounds and lives to learn more about Creative Medway.

There are 6 different working groups involved in Creative Medway:

  • Connectivity
  • Shared Ambition
  • Spaces and Places
  • Creative People
  • Community Engagement
  • The Compact Group – which helps to connect all the groups together.

The picture shown above is a diagram of the 6 different groups shaped like a flower, with the compact group being shown in the middle of the flower.

How to apply

We expect the role to take around 10 days per year. If you are interested in this role, please write a letter that fits on one side of A4 about why you should be considered for the role and the experience you have. Each letter will be reviewed by 5 people from the above groups. Letters must arrive before 2pm on Monday 1 February.

Please send this letter to Paul:

For a chat about this role please call 07970 119072

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The images above show that this role is supported by Arts Council England and Medway Council.