By 2030 Medway’s cultural sector is fully connected, physically, digitally and philosophically.

Creatives and cultural organisations will feel part of, and have strong links with, Medway’s diverse communities. They will have a voice in Medway’s cultural future. There will be close links between different artforms, creative disciplines and wider sectors locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Medway’s cultural and creative sector must be more connected and communicate better with other sectors and places. There is a need to build new and strategic connections with different sectors. Connectivity is not just about internal connection within the cultural sector but must also be about working with other sectors. These include health, education, regeneration, and economic growth and connecting outside Medway – in Kent, the UK and beyond
  • Creative Medway enables a more inclusive approach encouraging give-and-take, kindness and trustworthiness within communities. We need to be vigilant that when we make connectivity happen, it is in ways that do not exclude but maximise opportunities to make more links.
  • To deliver this Theme, we will need to develop a shared set of behaviours , modelled across Medway and feeding into every aspect of how culture is delivered and experienced. These behaviours will ensure that no one feels invisible or unheard, and that no one feels unable to access the debate and decisions. These behaviours will be signed up to by all partners in the Creative Medway delivery model, and act as a model of good practice across Medway and beyond.
  • Medway is a member of sub-regional, regional and national initiatives that should be further developed.

Want to get involved?

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    Delivering the Theme

    • Offering clear ways of getting involved: through the Theme Working Groups, open meetings, facilitated in a style which enhances inclusion, or the Creative Congress mailing lists and meetings.
    • Coming together regularly to informally share and generate ideas and annually reviewing the Strategy, through Open Space sessions, which allows everyone to contribute to the development of the cultural agenda.