Creative People

By 2030 everyone’s creativity is recognised and supported, from their earliest moments to international collaboration and recognition.

Acknowledging the central role both of creatives and of cultural and educational organisations in the creative ecosystem, a whole life approach is taken that welcomes new talent and supports existing creatives with what each needs at any time. There is a culture of mentoring and curating pathways and opportunities for everyone wishing to broaden or deepen their making, watching or participation in cultural activity. This leads to a stronger economy for Medway as a whole.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • This Theme explores the importance of a holistic approach to a healthy creative ecosystem . That is to say that all elements of the sector need to be supported: trickle-down or top-down approaches will not sufficiently support all parts. Collaboration and sharing of skills can be intergenerational; through working with young people, we shift the negativity and raise potential.
  • We must recognise the gaps in the creative ecosystem, understanding that there are varying different levels of support needed for creative people and organisations through different stages of their career and life.
  • There is a lack of transparency and universal knowledge of development opportunities which includes progression funding support, micro-grants and other support mechanisms for grass-roots culture.
  • Medway needs to provide opportunities for young creatives from early years up within formal and informal education, through a creative curriculum which offers inclusive value. Home-grown and new-to-Medway talent can be retained and attracted with the development of post-16 opportunities.
  • Medway creatives should be linked into wider regional/sub-regional groups which can offer support. Professional development is not just internal but should link Medway to the rest of the world, providing opportunities to collaborate, broaden minds and promote Medway. This needs to be supported to happen.

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    Delivering the Theme

    • Reviewing existing resources, projects and funding sources to highlight gaps in support for the whole ecosystem.
    • Making training and development opportunities available based on a cross-generational principle, linking Medway’s array of existing talent with the next generation.
    • Embedding the principles of this Strategy within schools and youth provision locally, linking to and building on existing work.
    • Developing and promoting new and existing ‘pathways’ for the development for creatives, as well as supporting them to choose and develop their own career paths within Medway.
    • We will review the existing resources, projects and funding sources to highlight gaps in support for the whole ecosystem and take a transparent approach to all major cultural provision and spend.
    • Developing the opportunity for major stakeholders to test new development ideas involving the creative and cultural sector through Theme Working Groups and informal networks.