Shared Ambition

By 2030 we are recognised for our world leading approach to cultural delivery, with creatives locally and internationally wanting to make and share work in Medway.

We have achieved this by the way we work together – leading the UK in the level of community buy-in to cultural strategy, and the commitment to making all feel involved and engaged. Culture is intrinsic to our place-making and enhances wellbeing through the unique work inspired and developed through these approaches.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Historically, and to this day, Medway has produced world class work. Chatham Dockyard’s training was seen as among the best in the world, and albums of ‘the Medway Sound’ are still found while browsing record shops across Europe and the USA. This rich heritage can be an inspiration in the development of future work so we can become internationally recognised for producing work with, and for, our diverse cultures.
  • Our position “on the edge” – of Kent, of London, the South East and Europe – gives Medway people a distinct ‘fringe’ perspective when viewing the world. Embracing this gives us the opportunity to be recognised internationally for producing work which builds on our unique heritages and diverse cultures.
  • Our work needs to be led through a spirit of selfless, enlightened leadership that looks to the collective benefit for all, beyond short-term individual interests, and by doing so allows excellence to be achieved.
  • Medway is bidding for UK City of Culture 2025. The City of Culture project shows what can be achieved when a place pulls together in support of culture to drive real benefits. Medway’s City of Culture 2025 bid should mirror the values and ambitions identified in this Strategy, using the new collective ways of working as a core resource in winning the bid. Adopting and modelling the ways of a successful bidding city still carries benefits above and beyond the bid and is process.
  • Collectively, we can bring about change but we can only do this with a shared ambition. As a sector, we need to be clear what the goal is, who our partners should be, and the routes that we will take to get there.

Want to get involved?

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    Delivering the Theme

    • Working together on the Medway City of Culture 2025 bid, we can use the bidding process as a platform for our growth, not the ceiling of success. We will explore what makes Medway unique and how it can build on this, creating focus and aspiration.
    • Planning, developing and producing specific opportunities for large scale events that excite and inspire, creating shared benefit and maximising potential as part of our Vision.
    • Developing the ‘The Medway Principles’ to share and create agreement on what excellence in cultural delivery looks like for Medway. These will offer a shared language and a shared understanding of how we aim to deliver cultural projects in Medway – a language which explicitly makes it accessible to all, without sacrificing ambition.
    • Nurturing selfless and enlightened leadership within the Creative Medway delivery model and beyond, that looks to the collective benefit for all, beyond short-term individual interests.
    • Building consensus amongst all stakeholders on the value of culture investment and strategically plan for long-term delivery.