Spaces and Places

By 2030 Medway has numerous spaces, accessible to all, to design, make and share, and engage with culture.

Beacon Spaces shine out from Medway whilst rooted in their communities. Medway works with partners in the region and beyond to enhance opportunities for inward investment to support spaces for culture. Throughout their careers, creatives have appropriate spaces, at a variety of scales, that are protected for their social, economic and community value.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Medway needs more spaces where people can collaborate to design, test, scale and engage with imaginative and enterprising ideas together.
  • Medway particularly lacks affordable spaces for the creative sector. Culture is very vulnerable to rises in land values following urban regeneration.
  • Managing and supporting these valuable, but fragile, communities is challenging, but crucial.
  • Creative spaces should be recognised as assets of social, economic and community value, not just temporary solutions.
  • Creative spaces need a wide geography to broaden engagement.
  • Culture can create a vibrant, diverse night-time economy, and plays a vital role in reclaiming underused in-between spaces and filling in-between times.
  • Finding spaces and places is also about ensuring that everything we do happens where the people we hope to reach can easily find out about it and access it. This could be a through a real place or a virtual place, such as a website or radio channel. Access to late-night public transport and other issues can be addressed by looking to provide wider geographical provision as much as by developing improved transportation to move audiences.

Want to get involved?

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    Delivering the Theme

    • Supporting and developing work that investigates and demonstrates the economic, social and cultural benefits of creative workspaces.
    • Encouraging the development of sustainable models.
    • Producing long-term plans to secure and develop new spaces within Medway for creative practice.
    • Developing a resource bank with shared resources both for making spaces accessible and for providing training and skills sharing.
    • Defining, identifying and developing Beacon Spaces that can both shine out from Medway and be rooted within their local communities. Exploring and piloting design-led vibrant night-time spaces in the town centres.