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Building on consultation to date, we have developed an Interim Consultation Report that contains the proposed Vision, Values and Themes for the new Cultural Strategy.

We are now seeking feedback on these from both the public and partners.

Please read the Interim Consultation.

This is available in three forms:

The Interim Consulation Summary document

A 2 page PDF setting out the Vision, Values and Themes.

Please find Polish, Lithuanian and Yoruba versions below.

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Full Interim Consultation report

The complete 19 page report, as PDF for download (in English only).

Responding as a member of the public?

Please fill in our Medway Cultural Strategy Opinion Survey.

Responding on behalf of a partner or organisation?

Please see the full Interim Consultation report for more information – you can feed back to us using the online form.

Other ways to have your say

We ran five themed workshops in June and July, and we are currently assessing everything they discussed.
We have set up community conversations for later in the summer to reach diverse communities across Medway. This includes working groups representing young people.
We will report back soon on both these initiatives as soon as possible – reports will appear on this website. If you have any questions, please email info@gjgconsultancy.com

Interim Consultation

May 2020

There are four parts to the web version of the Interim Consultation:


GJG Consultancy is working with the Medway Cultural Partnership and Medway Council to co-develop a new Medway Cultural Strategy. This document is an overview of the Vision, Values and Themes – an outcome of Phase 3 of the consultation.

Why a Cultural Strategy?

A cultural strategy should be aspirational – speaking to a broad vision and reflecting the highest hopes for any place and its people.

The new 2020-2030 strategy will show how important culture is to Medway’s future, and give everyone the opportunity to take part in, or contribute to, its cultural life.

The approach is to co-create and co-deliver a holistic vision for culture in a place. It links the cultural sector to broader issues (for example, wellbeing) that intersect with the aims of other organisations and agencies.

In the short term, the Cultural Strategy will shape opinions and behaviours, and lead to social and economic benefits. Longer term, it should look to transform Medway.

The consultation so far

As part of the consultation, GJG Consultancy has spoken with a range of people in Medway:

  • Residents representing many different communities – from pupils at Rochester Grammar to MACA’s Senior Domino Group, Dragon co-working lunch club to the knitting circle at Walderslade Library
  • Around 70 stakeholders from sectors such as cultural, local government, health, voluntary and community, education, visitor economy, regeneration and economic development
  • Over 150 people at the OpenSpace session in January 2020 including artists and makers, educators, council staff and charity workers.


The Vision for Medway needs to be further developed but will include the following:

Culture is at the heart of defining Medway’s identity. Our Culture is what makes Medway a great place to live work, learn and visit.

The positive impacts reach beyond the sector, into health and wellbeing, education, regeneration, community cohesion and civic pride.

Our cultural sector is a rich, diverse and exciting one that reflects our many different places and people. We need to grow and develop this sector so that we can best share what we have with the world.

Working together makes our cultural offer stronger. We will achieve this by creating diverse and sustainable partnerships within Medway and beyond.

Every person has the right to cultural participationand its many benefits. We will ensure these opportunities are open to everyone.

Our Vision is built on six Values which are key to everything we do. Through consultation, we have identified five Themes that Medway needs the Cultural Strategy to focus on.


These Values shape every aspect of how we create and deliver the Cultural Strategy – shared principles that will guide us over the next ten years:

We work in partnership

This involves being generous, open and creative. Good partners understand the needs of others, respect boundaries and are always looking for positives.

We evaluate impact before we move on

We employ a cycle of prototyping, testing, analysing and refining to make sure the Strategy responds to change.

We are strategic and think long-term

In anything we do, we consider the long- term implications, making sure we are guided by our Values and fulfil our Vision.

Our actions are environmentally sustainable

We recognise the cultural sector’s role in leading change and promoting environmental responsibility within our communities.

We enhance access for all

We must reflect all the people of Medway, respect difference and recognise that diversity is a major opportunity – the source of new ideas and innovation.

We recognise culture is integral to wellbeing

We acknowledge the positive impact of arts and culture on people’s physical, spiritual and mental health.


These Themes are the essential elements around which the Strategy is built. They provide its structure, support and boundaries:


How we connect and communicate with others is vital; connectivity enables a more inclusive approach – encouraging reciprocity and trust within communities.

Shared Ambition

Thinking about how our activity has benefit for all, and how our focus is on the delivery of the Vision and the associated collective benefit.

Spaces and Places

Building spaces within Medway for creative practice to take place; making them accessible; modelling their benefits for the community and sustainability.

Grass Roots Up

A holistic, ‘from the grass roots up’ approach to nurturing a healthy creative ecology where all the elements are supported – top down approaches alone will not be sufficient.

Community Engagement

Unlocking our commitment to ‘culture for all’ by reaching as many people as possible, allowing them to get involved in culture in any way they want.