Background Documents

We consulted and worked with a huge variety of local people and organisations over the course of 2020 to help shape the new ten-year Cultural Strategy for all Medway’s people and places.

Below are the reports generated by our consultation work.

Interim Consultation

Contains the proposed Vision, Values and Themes for the new Cultural Strategy.  Published May 2020.

Interim Consultation summary (PDF)

Available in Polish, Lithuanian and Yoruba versions.

Full Interim Consultation report (PDF, English only)

Other Reports

Consultation Report

The full findings from first period of consultation.

Published February 2020, PDF download.

Background Research Report

Looks at current cultural provision, compares Medway with other cities and reviews cultural engagement data.

Published February 2020, PDF download

Open Space Feedback Report

Reporting back from the Rochester Corn Exchange event on 18th January 2020.

Published January 2020, PDF download.

Image credit: (c) Jonathan Juniper