Medway Cultural Strategy:

Summary and downloads


Medway’s Cultural Strategy runs from 2020 to 2030 – it is ambitious and forward-thinking, setting the foundations for the next decade of cultural development.

The Strategy sets out to make Medway stronger and more resilient in response to the current challenges, rather than simply survive them. It is based on two core beliefs:

  • Culture is at the heart of defining Medway’s identity – it’s how we show the rest of the world how proud we are of our home.
  • Allowing people’s voices to be heard unlocks the possibility of powerful and meaningful change.

The Vision for culture in Medway set out in this Strategy is:

By 2030 Medway will be internationally recognised for its creativity and culture, exemplifying the positive impacts on everyone’s lives. Diverse, collaborative and engaged, we will celebrate the strength and creativity of all our residents.

This Vision, and the Cultural Strategy as a whole, is delivered according to six Values and through five Themes. These are core to everything we set out to do.

This is a pivotal moment for Medway; we are ready and able to make a step change in terms of cultural ambition and reach – regionally, nationally and internationally. The next decade will see Medway reposition itself as a cultural hub, using its array of cultural assets – existing, hidden and prospective.

There are many factors that make Medway well placed to develop its cultural ecosystem and fulfil these ambitions – including its location and transport links, history of creative innovation and existing infrastructure.

To achieve the strategic outcomes set out in this document, we will adopt a unique and radical framework, the Creative Medway Delivery Model, that puts the people of Medway at its centre.


The Strategy is available to download:

Medway Cultural Strategy (PDF, 13MB)

Medway Cultural Strategy Full Report – an extended version of the report including additional description of the context and ideas underpinning the work.

Image credit: (c) Alex Brenner, used with permission.